TASTY WATER FOR DELICIOUS FOOD is matured deep under the ground in the holy land of water called HAKUBA.

about the SUY

A special chaser with mellow liquor after dinner. Also, could be used as adding water to dilute alcohol


Want to savor the cuisine

Make tasty food more delicious.
To make your meal more delicious and enjoyable…
Particularly TASTY WATER FOR DELICIOUS FOOD is completed, which is from holy land of water HAKUBA, used HIGH QUALITY NATURAL WATER produced by natural circulation system.

Made in HAKUBA

Seek through good quality raw water,
we reached HAKUBA Village.

Story of water

Country with high quality natural water – HAKUBA

< Nature-made water purifying system by HAKUBA> The western mountains rise straight up in HAKUBA, is peak at over 3,000 meters. The wet atmosphere was sucked up by the Fenn phenomenon. And the finely textured clouds formed in the good atmosphere of HAKUBA, will bring rain to HAKUBA.

Since then the rainwater seeps into silicon containing hard rocks for years, and it has become high quality, sufficient groundwater of HAKUBA. In addition, the clay layer, which is about 50 meters underground, prevents groundwater contamination and forms a pollution control layer created by nature.

Eruption of dense, high-quality water that is a mixture of stored high-quality water and slab origin water.

What is Slab origin water?
The water contained in the crust of tens to hundreds of kilometers deep underground that has been pumped up to the ground surface by crustal movement.

Water gushes from good groundwater becomes clouds in western mountains, and rain again. Through the extensive natural circulation system created by topographical features of HAKUBA, water is circulated, and a natural mechanism has been developed to maintain high-quality natural water. It is HAKUBA that receives the hull benefits of nature from the crustal movements and keeps good quality water resources circulating at all times.

HAKUBA’s unique topography in the world

High mountains including rich silicon
・Hard bedrock
・If the earth’s plates move, the mountains can grow even higher
・Water is purified as it seeps though

One's own technology

What is ‘Good water’ Orbs think?

It is ‘density of water’ which can integrate into living organisms.

Our original technology makes high-quality natural water, which is taken from sacred place of water, Hakuba village, Nagano, ‘high density and stabilized water’, which are composed by finer particles of water.
When you drink extremely fine water which is close to water in living organisms, you will have sense that water penetrate your body and feel softness of water.
SUY does not stay in your stomach easily, because it is absorbed quickly.
Also, ‘high density and stabilized water’ are blended with natural ingredients and trace minerals, which are extracted with water from plants and minerals in nature by our original technology.
If you have a discerning palate, you will feel delicious taste or sweetness without mixing anything in it by our technology.
SUY gives a deep and a mild taste, when using as a chaser of whisky or brandy, water for diluting and making a cup of tea or coffee.

  • Water in living organisms

    Water found in Animals and plants

    Particles are fine and density is high.

  • Ordinary water

    Tap water and natural mineral water
    Water for drinking

    Large particles and
    many gaps among its particles

・Only after Water is digested, water is absorbed.
・Skin lotion made from ordinary water doesn’t penetrate the skin.
・Ordinary water is harder to absorb and doesn’t heal the body.
・Find ‘easy-to-absorb water’ ‘high water retention’